Sunday, April 28, 2019

تحضير لمخيم حولي وحوالي، Hawle w howalye children camp preparation

Written by rana saidi 

Children are our most valuable resource, and our hope for better future. 
To acheive our goal _which is encouraging and educating them to prove themselves and their abilities_ to creat  a better world, 
We The  Lebanese Spot Light, starting from the leaders to every volunteer, focus on developing the ability of the children and guide them to the right path  to give, explore and explode the best out of them because we believe  that every kid is gifted and sh/e can make a difference 

So simply  We divided our work into three workshops working on our attitude and how to deal with kids for  the summer colonie. 
We worked on ourselves and improve our ideas in order to be creative in the activities and games side that will display the  kids'personality and develop their  capabilities,hoping to help each and every single child to have equality and find the right way to be outgoing with others.

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