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Saturday, April 2, 2022

LSL at Women's race with Beirut Marathon Association


 Lebanese spotlight has once again collaborated with Beirut marathon association to help organize the women’s race so it runs smoothly. We have gathered a particular number of volunteers that were willing to help with the organization and divided them into groups, each group was sent to a station in separate areas, each station contained water and Gatorade ready to be distributed for the racers arrive.


Our volunteers have managed to successfully help with the race by doing their assigned tasks and making another marathon a joyful place to be in.


Thank you to our organizers and volunteers for making this job possible.

Lebanese Spotlight at souk abou rakhousa


Written by: Bashir Itani

Souk Abu Rakhoussa is an event that occurs frequently and we participate as often as we can. This time we had three tents, each tent consisted of different activities. The first tent was a face painting activity, where kids can express their own thought and do some craft alongside playing with our volunteers, the second tent was for arts and crafts Ramadan themed where Youth express their own designs for Ramadan and invites citizen to express their thought and opinion through craft and art, the last tent was for snacks {pancakes and a Lebanese dessert called Mfatka] the thrid tent aimed to collect donation through buying goods Made by our volunteers, where they can finance thier own activities later own.


Our volunteers managed to take care of all the tent activities by doing the crafts for the kids and preparing the snacks for the customers. They also were successfully able to maintain organization and cleanliness of the tents 

Friday, April 1, 2022

Himaya & volunteers at Parks


Kaskas and Karem el aris are the two parks were our volunteer collaborate and organize with Himaya activities for children, Youth are the main power for our activity, we enjoy planning with them, collaborating with Himaya addressing Kids and empower their skills through planning and dedication, we are so pleased and happy to  have those Beneficiaries turning into Leaders of their own society and spaces  

ان جمعية بقعة ضوء لبنانية تقوم بالتعاون مع جمعية حماية كل اسبوع بالانشطة الخاصة للاطفال، نقوم بانشطة ترفيهية متنوعة ومنها الثقافية لتعليم الاطفال ورشدهم. وايضاً قامت جمعية بقعة ضوء بالمشاركة في ماراثون بيروت وهذا كان بمساعدة فئة شباب الجمعية بتوزيع الماء على المتسابقين. وأكثر من ذالك شاركت بسوق ابو رخوصة الذي يقام كل فترة في ساحة الشهداء في بيروت وقامت في بيع انواع من الحلو. والان، بمناسبة حلول شهر رمضان المبارك تقوم الجمعية بأنشطة على اجواء رمضانية لترفيه الاطفال.

written by Cherine alkurdy

In both Himaya parks "Karm Al Aris" and "KasKas" our number 1 priority is to insure the kid's physical and mental well-being. We have a wide range of dedicated and hard working volunteers who act as role models for the kids to look up to. Our message is to insure the Safety of all kids from across all the ethnic groups of Lebanon, no matter the religion nor race. We apply our skill building and self development agenda through fun and inclusive activities for our beneficiaries to take advantage of, thanks to our animators who take time in crafting entertaining yet striking activities.

Written by Ibrahim Hatoum

لأن الأطفال هم مستقبلنا والطريق اللامع لإعادة لبنان بلداً مشرقًا، فإننا نعمل على تغذيتهم بالأنشطة المتنوعة لتنمية قدراتهم الفكرية والعملية بالتعاون مع جمعية حماية الحامية للأطفال، وهدفنا خلق مساحة لتفريغ طاقاتهم بما يفيدهم في الحدائق العامة واستغلال هذه المساحة وإعادة انعاشها  بهم. فنحن نعمل لخلق  البهجة والسرور على وجوههم الصغيرة، واظهار مواهبهم و اكتشافها.

Written by Montaha Eidi

DOT Partnership - Microworks online session


Written by our Volunteer: Rana Alsaidy

On 22nd of this month we started Microwork workshops with collaboration with DOT Lebanon, and ever since, we’ve been unlocking essential skills and developing some regarding lots of important topics. Such as discovering digitizing process and its rules that nowadays is a must have ability, improving our work ethics and getting to know the dedication and responsibility we have to give in in order to get the seeds of our work, how to work professionally on Microsoft Office and Google apps along with Gmail profile and emails, as well as plenty of acquired knowledge that definitely will be needed and used at probably almost any field we work in. 
Dot Program with Lebanese Spotlight NGO won't be the last. We - Lebanese Spotlight & DOT Lebanon -Partnering, Collaborating and organizing New Events and Online sessions,  as DML and Robotics. 
Our Objective is to reach Youth between 18 Years old till 25 years old, Lebanese, Syrian and Palestine to be part of this project shadowing the light on Girls and non Lebanese and Lebanese To work together and enhance their Skills.  



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