Saturday, April 2, 2022

Lebanese Spotlight at souk abou rakhousa


Written by: Bashir Itani

Souk Abu Rakhoussa is an event that occurs frequently and we participate as often as we can. This time we had three tents, each tent consisted of different activities. The first tent was a face painting activity, where kids can express their own thought and do some craft alongside playing with our volunteers, the second tent was for arts and crafts Ramadan themed where Youth express their own designs for Ramadan and invites citizen to express their thought and opinion through craft and art, the last tent was for snacks {pancakes and a Lebanese dessert called Mfatka] the thrid tent aimed to collect donation through buying goods Made by our volunteers, where they can finance thier own activities later own.


Our volunteers managed to take care of all the tent activities by doing the crafts for the kids and preparing the snacks for the customers. They also were successfully able to maintain organization and cleanliness of the tents 

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