Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Trip to faraya with around 200volunteer

تملأ قلوب متطوعين جمعيّة بقعة لبنانيّة،روح المساعدة،المحبة و الألفة لبعضهم البعض وللمجتمع
تمّت الرحلة السنويّة لجمعيّة بقعة ضوء لبنانيّة مع بداية السنة الجديدة،نهار الأحد في ٥ كانون الثاني إلى المنطقة الجميلة قناة باكيش حيث الجبال لبست ثوب الأبيض مستقبلة المتطوعين،و كانت أعدادهم كبيرة فالنشاط يملأ وجوههم. استمتع الجميع تاركين بصماتهم و ضحكاتهم المليئة بالحب على الثلج،ثم توجّهوا إلى المطعم للاستراحة و مشاركة ألّذ المأكولات سويّا كما تشاركوا الرقص و خصوصا رقصهم للدبكة اللّبنانيّة .
ليختموا رحلتهم الجميلة بالاستمتاع بأجمل الألعاب في مدينة الملاهي مفرغين فيها طاقتهم.
"رحنا و جينا بالسلامة"،نتمنّى السعادة تُرافق جمعيّة بقعة ضوء لبنانيّة دائمًا

Sunday, December 22, 2019

LSL Volunteering For The civil defense (الدفاع المدني)

Let's take a moment to appreciate the work of all LSLers since they worked super hard to maintain this volunteering spirit where helping others is their daily routine !!

Today LSLers covered lots of beirut areas collecting some donations to help the ambulance with the right tools and an ambulance car. So, you will see down below the real effort that these guys have put regarding this serious activity.

Now you will see a video for a very small sample of the activity :

And here are some great work ethic people that helped during this activity :

Sincerely LSL 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Spotlighter’s ceremony at Rene Mouawad high school

Written by Jamil Saleh

From where should I start,from day one when we were introduced into a whole new concept of what an"Active Citizen"means,or when we became true active citizens who worked hard and pationatly to achieve a goal we all wanted and focused on.Today was a big day for us Spotlighters,and "Spotlighters" are a group of high school students who work and focus on targets that affect the society in a positive way and they hope for a brighter future for their country,and I am on of those high school students who participated in this group.At 12:00 pm we were ready to present our work for the British council and "جمعية شباب السلام" which we like to thank them both because they are the main reason why this whole thing happened,we were kind of nervous of the outcomes and how are we going to present our work since we didn't have time to review the presentation and we had a very short time.But thanks to god and the faith we had in ourselves everything worked fine and flawlessly.We were awarded by certificates as an appreciation for what we have done and achieved.What a day to remember and more to come,so by that I like to thank every body who believed and helped us in reaching this point and especially the one and only Ali Omar Ali our leader who kept believing in us through all this process.


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